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Why Pawning with DD Refinery is ideal?

If you're out to pawn your valuables, choose us for your pawning needs and stop your need of shopping around! At Diamond District Refinery, NYC, we are a fully licensed and reputed pawn service provider providing our services to NYC as well as throughout the United States. A pawnbroker in NYC, we provide our customers with immediate and high payouts, as well as providing a peace of mind by offering free appraisals by our experts so that you'll know exactly how much value their watches are worth, right before their eyes.

We are a highly reputed and trusted pawn shop in NYC, establishing ourselves in the city. If you're looking pawn your previous items, we should be the only stop you'll ever need for your watch. Our refining facilities at Diamond District Refinery is conveniently located in mid-town Manhattan, New York in the Diamond District. You can pawn your luxury watches with ease here.


How does our pawn process work?

When visiting Diamond District Refinery, NYC, we provide our customers with two options:
1.  Our customers have the option of pawning their luxury watch in exchange for a loan. Our pawn loans can be made from exchanging their luxury watches. Once their loan is paid back, we return the property back to them. A customer will be able to extend their loan if the accrued charges on most pawns have been paid for.
2. Our customers can decide to sell their precious luxury watch outright in exchange for a top cash payout right then and there.

Both of these options are simple, and will take only a few minutes out of your time while leaving you with extra cash in your pocket. A pawnbroker in NYC you can trust us to get a watch loan.


Get a cash offer now!

What items can be pawned?

Here at Diamond District Refinery, NYC, our pawn service will offer you a loan for your precious valuables, including your watches. If you have a need for some quick cash but don't want to lose your gold due to its sentimental value, than our pawning service is the perfect choice for you.  You'll be able to exchange your watches for a cash loan, and once the loan has been paid back, we'll return your items back. All of this is provided, all the while keeping the entire watch loan process quick and secure.

Legal Information and Required Disclosures

Anyone who is interested in our pawn services must be 18 years old of age and a legal ID is required. Our Pawn loans are FREE for 1st month and then set rates on a case by case basis. Our business and services are governed by New York State, abiding by New York City and the Federal Laws that apply to pawn broking . We follow the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, Truth-in Lending Act, Banking Secrecy Act, and USA Patriot Act.

At Diamond District Refinery, NYC, we have watch experts so that you'll be in the right hands. You'll be able to pawn your gold, jewelry, watch, or other precious watches to us with lower interest rates than any of our other competitors, all while providing you with the best services available in New York City. We have a friendly and professional staff that will guide you through the process step-by-step while keeping it quick and safe so that you'll feel confident that you've made the right choice. When you want to pawn your watch, you can bring it to us to take it off your hands and offer you a loan for your previous valuables, so come visit us today!