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Precious Metal & Gold Refiner in NYC

We will pay 99.5% on all Gold & Gold Jewelry. Get cash for

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DD Refinery is a leading Gold refinery in New York City.
As pawn refiners, we serve Pawn Brokers, Jewelers, Dentists and Industrial precious metal recycling applications.

Why sell precious metals to a NYC Gold Refinery?

Our refining facilities are located in the Diamond District area of mid-town Manhattan, NYC. Everyday, multiple visitors drop off their gold, valuables and precious metals in person at our mid town gold refinery with quick, same day processing of their items.

If you are looking for the best Gold Refinery in NYC with guaranteed top cash payouts on your gold at 99.5%, then DD Refinery is your ideal choice.

Consumers and companies come to DD Refinery to sell their scrap gold and gold items. The pawn shop will buy your gold bars, gold, silver, watches and platinum and offer cash on same.

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Our Refining Services:

  • Precious Metals Recycling
  • Gold, silver, platinum and palladium scrap refining
  • Polishing sweeps processed and purchased
  • Bench sweeps
  • Floor sweeps processed and purchased
  • Buyers of gold, silver and platinum
  • Dental scrap processed and purchased
  • Dental Gold refining
  • Dental Gold recycling
  • Jeweler refining services
  • Industrial Metals recycling
  • Industrial Silver refining