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Sell Gold Online - Free Gold Kit

Simple & easy way to sell your valuables for cash!

Free Gold Kit from Diamond District Refiners NYC is a safe, secure and easy solution to help you get fast cash for your precious metal & gold. With our Free Gold Kit, we provide an innovative way to sell your precious values to us.

Free, secured & Insured Free Gold kit via fedex

Free gold kit is a unique and innovative way to sell your gold or valuables online. Free gold kit is a simple 3 step process to get paid in cash instantly. All this is done trough a simple mailing process.

Simple 3 step process:

  1. Fill out the form on right with a valid email address and all required details
  2. A secured pre-paid FedEx envelope kit will be sent to your address. Mail that envelope back to us with the precious valuables that you want to sell. Also include the Method of Payment form filled in with your details. There is no cost to mail your items and insurance is also included.
  3. Once we receive your items,our team will evaluate the contents & will offer you our best cash payout value. With yor aproval, your payment will be sent to you via Bank Wire or PayPal or Moneygram or Western Union or Check via mail.

In case you have questions pertaining to the process, feel free to contact us at 212.391.0700.


What to do after you receive our Free Gold Kit

  1. Pack your valuables in a manila envelope or cardboard box. When packing, we suggest using Ziploc bags or wrap of sorts (i.e. silver foil, gift wrap, etc.) before the contents are inserted into the box or manila envelope.

  2. Contact Federal Express by calling (800) 463-3339 to schedule a pick up or find nearest station for drop off. If you decide to have them come out to your house, make sure to tell FedEx that you need supplies (FedEx box and a blank Airbill). Please do not use letter envelopes since they tend to rip if they get wet or mishandled.
  3. Fill out FedEx Airbill as shown here and remember to hold on the tracking receipt.

Read complete details and instructions here -



Once we receive you items they will be immediately be evaluated and you will get a call from our side about the payment offered.

No obligations

Once you have ordered for a free gold kit doesn't mean that you are obliged to us. If you are not satisfied with our value, you can reject the proposal and your valuables would be immediately sent back to you through the same secured way.


Free Parking Validation or Metro Card with every visit. Call 212.391.0700 for more info.