Undervalued Gold Coins You Should Invest In


People who are interested in purchasing gold coins, but do not have the means to can do so now. How, you ask? They can invest in undervalued United States gold coins. The gold coins that may come into your price range include:

1 – The 1864 Gold Dollar

The 1864 Gold Dollar is one out of the three gold coins part of the Civil War Issues. The gold dollar is a rare coin to own, as many of them were melted. With only few of these saved by investors, their demand is high, selling at $1.293. Look for the 1850-D, 1850-O, and 1850-C in the Type 1 Series, as they remain as the most undervalued gold coins.

2 – The 1837 Classic Head Quarter Eagle

The 1837 Classic Head Quarter Eagle will fetch you a good amount when you go sell it. You can expect the coin to sell for $3,055. Amongst the circles of serious coin collectors, the 1837 Classic Head Quarter Eagle has become a popular choice to buy with experts saying that it is better to buy now than later.

3 – The 1867 Quarter Eagle

The 1867 Quarter Eagle is a wonderful coin, but it really does not have a fan base. Most coin collectors are reluctant to purchase it, as its value continues to remain flat. If you could get your hands on a quality gold coin, rated MS63 by PCGS, you can see it sell for $13,800.

4 – The 1884 Three Dollars

The 1880s gave you the gift of Three Dollar coins with each having microscopic mintages, but only the 1881 and 1884 being declared rare.  Only 200 1884 Three Dollar Coins are up for grabs and you can purchase an MS61 at $6,000. If you have the budget to spend more, you should invest in the Three Dollar coin collection with the Civil War dates. One downside is that they are harder to come by, but worth it, if you own one.

5 – The 1838-C Half Eagle

The 1838-C Half Eagle is not considered as an undervalued coin, but it should be. They will earn you a nice income on the side when you plan to sell them, as the price will only increase overtime. If you can afford to spend anywhere from $1,500 to 3,000 on a gold coin, you should consider spending the money on this one.

6 – The 1842 Large Letters Half Eagle

The 1842 Large Letter Half Eagle is an undervalued coin, which is also very rare. It sells for $4,700, which is not bad at all, as you can sell it for a profit later on. Look wise, the coin is not as glamorous as the other coins mentioned in this list, and for this reason, it remains undervalued.

People who are interested in purchasing gold coins should invest in undervalued coins, as they come cheaper, but sell for more in the future. Even if you are already an avid coin collector, you should still consider purchasing undervalued gold coins.

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