Five Places to Sell Your Gold Coins


People who collect gold coins and want to sell them should be extra selective in picking buyers. They do not want to be duped into visiting a place that turns out to be a mere tactic to fool the seller into believing that the set-up is genuine. If you are looking to sell your gold coins, sell them here:

1.     Sell Your Gold Coins to a Coin Collector Shop

Coin collector shops are your best bet to sell your gold coins for good money. If you do not want to go to a random coin collector shop, visit the shop that sold you the gold coins. Since you may already know the owner well, you can count on the negotiation process to be fair.

If you do not know the owner of the coin collector shop, just present your coin collection to them and ask what is the best rate they can give you for them. If you visit an unknown shop and something about it makes you feel uneasy, do not take your business to them.

2.     Sell Your Gold Coins at a Traditional Auction

If you are looking for a place that attracts several silver and gold coin fanatics, you should consider checking out some auctions. Only visit an auction if you are planning to sell several coins of high quality and value. If you have a huge collection of gold coins, more bids will be made to own it.

However, you will have to pay a small fee to enter your coin collection into the auction. If one of your coins is not selling at a value you want it to sell at, you can negotiate to buy the coin back at a lower value.

3.     Sell Your Gold Coins at an Online Auction

You can also enter your coin collection into an online auction where people from all over the world will get to bid on it. Selling your coins at an online auction will garner you increased exposure for your gold coins. Unlike at a traditional auction where you are advised to sell your gold coins as part of a collection, at an online auction, you can sell only one. One downside is that you will not know who is buying your coin.

4.     Sell Your Gold Coins at a Show

You can sell your gold coin collection at coin shows, which are extremely popular amongst coin collectors. Do not sell only one coin, but sell several so you can earn more money. In order for your coins to sell, they need to be high in value and rare to find.

5.     Sell Your Gold Coins at a Club

If you are a member of a coin collector club, sell your collection to other members. Perhaps, someone showed interest in your coins, and you can sell the coins to them.

When you do sell your coin collection, conduct proper research on the value they should go for, as you do not want to be cheated out of your money.

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