Diamond District Refinery Pawn Services Now Offer 1st Month Free in NYC

nyc pawn servicesDiamond District Refinery is now offering the 1st month free when using our pawning service. We have built a strong reputation and are fully licensed in our pawn services, providing our services locally to New York City as well as online throughout the United States. Our customers are provided with immediate high payouts, as well as the ease of mind in receiving free appraisals from our experts so they’ll know exactly how much their precious valuables are worth. Selling your gold with our pawn services has never been easier.

How to Pawn Gold

Our customers are provided with two options when they bring their gold in to us at Diamond District Refinery:

  1. We provide our customers with the option to pawn their valuables and exchange it for a loan. Pawn loans can be made by exchanging your gold jewelry, antiques, diamonds, electronics, and many more. Once you’ve paid back your loan, your precious property will be returned to you immediately. Our customers can extend their loans if they have paid for all of the accrued charges.
  2. Our customers are also able to outright sell their gold and other precious valuables for top cash payouts right at our offices.

No matter which option you choose, both are very quick and simple. You’ll be earning top cash payouts for only a couple minutes of your time.

What Items Can Be Pawned?

We’ll provide a loan for a variety of your precious valuables, some of which include gold, silver, platinum, watches, jewelry, coins, silverware, antiques, and many more! If you’re not sure that your valuables will be worth much, just give us a call today or pay our office a visit and we’ll provide a free appraisal on your items. Your precious items can be exchanged for a cash loan, and once it has been paid back, your items will be returned back to you. Pawning your gold is quick, easy, secure, and you’ll be quickly on your way with extra cash in your pocket.

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