Undervalued Gold Coins You Should Invest In


People who are interested in purchasing gold coins, but do not have the means to can do so now. How, you ask? They can invest in undervalued United States gold coins. The gold coins that may come into your price range include:

1 – The 1864 Gold Dollar

The 1864 Gold Dollar is one out of the three gold coins part of the Civil War Issues. The gold dollar is a rare coin to own, as many of them were melted. With only few of these saved by investors, their demand is high, selling at $1.293. Look for the 1850-D, 1850-O, and 1850-C in the Type 1 Series, as they remain as the most undervalued gold coins.

2 – The 1837 Classic Head Quarter Eagle

The 1837 Classic Head Quarter Eagle will fetch you a good amount when you go sell it. You can expect the coin to sell for $3,055. Amongst the circles of serious coin collectors, the 1837 Classic Head Quarter Eagle has become a popular choice to buy with experts saying that it is better to buy now than later.

3 – The 1867 Quarter Eagle

The 1867 Quarter Eagle is a wonderful coin, but it really does not have a fan base. Most coin collectors are reluctant to purchase it, as its value continues to remain flat. If you could get your hands on a quality gold coin, rated MS63 by PCGS, you can see it sell for $13,800.

4 – The 1884 Three Dollars

The 1880s gave you the gift of Three Dollar coins with each having microscopic mintages, but only the 1881 and 1884 being declared rare.  Only 200 1884 Three Dollar Coins are up for grabs and you can purchase an MS61 at $6,000. If you have the budget to spend more, you should invest in the Three Dollar coin collection with the Civil War dates. One downside is that they are harder to come by, but worth it, if you own one.

5 – The 1838-C Half Eagle

The 1838-C Half Eagle is not considered as an undervalued coin, but it should be. They will earn you a nice income on the side when you plan to sell them, as the price will only increase overtime. If you can afford to spend anywhere from $1,500 to 3,000 on a gold coin, you should consider spending the money on this one.

6 – The 1842 Large Letters Half Eagle

The 1842 Large Letter Half Eagle is an undervalued coin, which is also very rare. It sells for $4,700, which is not bad at all, as you can sell it for a profit later on. Look wise, the coin is not as glamorous as the other coins mentioned in this list, and for this reason, it remains undervalued.

People who are interested in purchasing gold coins should invest in undervalued coins, as they come cheaper, but sell for more in the future. Even if you are already an avid coin collector, you should still consider purchasing undervalued gold coins.

How to Tell If Your Gold Bar is Fake?


Scams are shortcuts taken by people who want to make quick money, and they succeed by tricking people with no knowledge of the difference between a real and fake gold bar. People who believe the fraudsters do not find out until they take it to another buyer to sell it. In the event they do find out sooner, it is often too late, as the fraudsters would have already made it out with their money.

Therefore, it is pertinent that you know how to distinguish between real and fake gold bars. Here is how you can tell the difference between the two:

Judge It by Its Size

Figure out the exact dimensions of the gold bars in order to have a rough idea of what it should be when you see it. You need to purchase a set of calipers to measure the thickness, diameter, and other dimensions of the gold bar.

Since gold is a dense precious metal, fraudsters will make the diameter of the gold bar wider to compensate for its denseness. To weigh the gold, remember that the weight of gold is equal to twice the size of iron. Fraudsters will combine other metals with the fake gold bar to get to the correct weight of gold.

Test It by Its Magnetic Properties

You can test the gold bar’s magnetic properties to determine if the gold bar is fake or real. Gold is not supposed to be magnetic and if the gold sticks, it is a fake. In order to conduct this test, you will need to purchase a very strong magnetic, which you will be able to find at a hardware store. Fraudsters are well aware of this fact and they will only use precious metals that are not magnetic. Therefore, do not conduct only this test.

 Weigh It

You will need to purchase a high quality and sturdy scale to conduct this test. Remember that one troy ounce equals to about 1.09714 ounces.

 Examine It Closely

Examine the gold bar from all angles to spot any irregularities in its design and shape. If it is your first time purchasing a gold bar, you can search up images of one online to get an idea of how it should look like. Do not examine the gold bar in a hurry, but take your time examining it.

You only want to purchase gold bars, coins, or any other precious metal from a reputable seller. When you are on the lookout for a seller, you do not want to select the very first one that makes you an offer, but make appointments with more than one.

Ask them to show you the gold before handing them the cash. Remember to conduct all of these tests before you purchase. If you suspect that they are selling fake gold bars, you need to report them to the police. When it comes time to sell your gold bars, do not sell them to the first buyer you meet.

Stars Glowed in their Precious Jewels at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes International Film Festival is a prestigious event held in France for twelve days. Every day, you get to see stars pose for the cameras in their beautiful outfits, as they wave to the crowd and photographers anticipating their arrival.
This year, the 68th Cannes International Festival has seen all of Hollywood’s leading ladies come out and we made it a point to notice everything from their clothes and jewelry. Some of the ladies who deserve credit for their dressing and jewelry sense include:

1.     Emily Blunt Looked Astonishing in a Jeweled Gown

dd727Emily Blunt stunned on the red carpet in a long sleeved and jeweled gown. She looked radiant as she stared at the cameras taking her pictures from all angles. It was her time to shine, no one could tell her otherwise, and the glistening emerald cuffs and matching drop earrings proved it.

We think she was channeling her character in Devil’s Wears Prada as the assistant obsessed with fashion. If she learned anything from playing the part, it was how to dress and impress at the same time. However, she left her more exquisite accessory behind, her equally handsome husband John Krasinski.

2.     Petra Nemcova Can Pull Off Looks On and Off the Runway

dd721Model Petra Nemcova left us all speechless when she came down the red carpet wearing a white long ball gown with a slit. She paired her look with 18-karat white gold and aquamarine ring. The Czech model was all smiles on the red carpet, which we will assume to her knowing she looked gorgeous in white.

3.     Naomi Watts Dazzled in Sequins and Pearls

dd724We are used to seeing the starlet cycling around New York with her husband and kids in sweats so it was a relief seeing her in something not so sweaty for once. We were glad to see that she had not forgotten how to dress glamorously. She paired a diamond pendant with her long feathered gown and impressive cut out back.

We look forward to seeing her shine all twelve days on the red carpet because we know as soon as the event is over; we will be seeing her in casual wear again, which she pulls of just fine by the way.

4.     Julianne Moore Is a Fabulous Actress Who Should Win an Oscar for Fashion

dd725If there were an Oscar in the category of fashion, hands down, Julianne Moore would be the winner. She wore an embellished dark Armani Privé gown. She paired her look with a pair of beautiful diamond and emerald Chopard earrings. Just like last year, the star showed her love for feathers by opting for a dress with feather detailing with the only difference that it was a notch down from her previous gown.

The International Cannes Film Festival takes place every year and every year we find ourselves watching all twelve days of fashion.

Which starlet’s look impressed you the most?

The Growth of the Solar Sector Increases the Value of Silver


Recently, Gold Fields Minerals Services produced a report on behalf of the Silver Institute about the supply and demand of silver in the year 2015. The report signaled a growth in the demand for silver in the solar sector. The increased demand from the solar sector could mean great things for the demand of silver. In order to understand how the increased demand for silver from the solar industry would reflect the value of silver, we must look at the year 2014.

How the Demand for Silver Looked in 2014

In 2014, the demand for silver stood at 1,066.7 million ounces, making it the fourth highest since the year 1990. Experts also looked at where the demand came from, stating that silver bars and coins were responsible for the rising demand for the precious metal.

The same is true for the demand of silver in the jewelry industry where it reached a record-breaking 215.5 million ounces with most of the demand coming from India. In addition to the increase in demand in these sectors, silver is also in demand in the wearable tech industry. Silver movements into the wearable tech industry will continue down the line, as it is an up and coming market. Out of all of the sectors, the solar sector is eyeing silver, aiming to acquire a large part of it, especially in the year 2015.

Demand for Silver in the Solar Sector Increases

Even though solar sector always had a demand for silver, but this time around, the demand has significantly increased. From 2013, silver has risen from seven percent, coming to 59.9 million ounces. The sector has credited this to the frugal utilization of silver content for each solar cell and to an eleven percent increase in the installations of solar panels. The combination of these two factors will give rise to the demand of silver in the solar sector, increasing it to fifty-seven gigawatts of electricity in the year 2015.

Where Will the Demand Come From?

In 2015, China will install seventeen gigawatts of solar capacity and this is expected to rise over the following decade. This can only be made possible when important players in the solar industry belonging to different countries will gather in Paris to discuss the future of the solar sector. If everything goes well, India and China will install solar panels in abundance, resulting in a rise in the value of silver.

For now, the value of silver remains low, but it could skyrocket as soon as all the key countries sign the deal. Therefore, investors should begin to invest in silver, if they have not already, as they could really benefit from the rising value of silver. However, they will have to wait patiently for the demand of silver to increase in the solar sector. While you wait, you should invest in gold and silver to have both precious metals as part of your investment portfolio. Do keep tuned for any updates regarding the future of precious metals.

Five Places to Sell Your Gold Coins


People who collect gold coins and want to sell them should be extra selective in picking buyers. They do not want to be duped into visiting a place that turns out to be a mere tactic to fool the seller into believing that the set-up is genuine. If you are looking to sell your gold coins, sell them here:

1.     Sell Your Gold Coins to a Coin Collector Shop

Coin collector shops are your best bet to sell your gold coins for good money. If you do not want to go to a random coin collector shop, visit the shop that sold you the gold coins. Since you may already know the owner well, you can count on the negotiation process to be fair.

If you do not know the owner of the coin collector shop, just present your coin collection to them and ask what is the best rate they can give you for them. If you visit an unknown shop and something about it makes you feel uneasy, do not take your business to them.

2.     Sell Your Gold Coins at a Traditional Auction

If you are looking for a place that attracts several silver and gold coin fanatics, you should consider checking out some auctions. Only visit an auction if you are planning to sell several coins of high quality and value. If you have a huge collection of gold coins, more bids will be made to own it.

However, you will have to pay a small fee to enter your coin collection into the auction. If one of your coins is not selling at a value you want it to sell at, you can negotiate to buy the coin back at a lower value.

3.     Sell Your Gold Coins at an Online Auction

You can also enter your coin collection into an online auction where people from all over the world will get to bid on it. Selling your coins at an online auction will garner you increased exposure for your gold coins. Unlike at a traditional auction where you are advised to sell your gold coins as part of a collection, at an online auction, you can sell only one. One downside is that you will not know who is buying your coin.

4.     Sell Your Gold Coins at a Show

You can sell your gold coin collection at coin shows, which are extremely popular amongst coin collectors. Do not sell only one coin, but sell several so you can earn more money. In order for your coins to sell, they need to be high in value and rare to find.

5.     Sell Your Gold Coins at a Club

If you are a member of a coin collector club, sell your collection to other members. Perhaps, someone showed interest in your coins, and you can sell the coins to them.

When you do sell your coin collection, conduct proper research on the value they should go for, as you do not want to be cheated out of your money.

Three Gold Stocks that You Should Invest In

dd176blogIf you do not invest in gold stocks, then you are missing out on the opportunities bestowed upon you by the amazing gold stock companies. Instead of purchasing gold bars and jewelry, think different to do things differently. Wait, are you saying you want to invest in mining companies instead?
Even though you will be doing things a little differently, you will be causing your investment portfolio more harm than good. We are telling you to forgo investing in mining companies, as we have our reasons:

  • Mining opportunities are available in countries with increased political risk
  • The lack of skilled workers forces these countries to hire employees at a high cost
  • It can take a mining company years to see even one speck of gold from the barren land
  • Machinery malfunctions often
  • The price of fuel influences the price of gold

Do you want to put your livelihood at risk by investing in mining companies whose future is always dangling by a thread? Or do you want a sure shot way to make money by investing in gold? Now, you can ensure by investing in one of these three gold stock companies:

1.Franco-Nevada Corporation

Franco-Nevada Corporation finances the building of gold mines in return for receiving an undisclosed percentage of the production. Recently, the company financed a mining company, stating in the contract that they would receive sixty-eight percent of the mine’s production of gold and silver.
The mine produced twelve million ounces of silver and 720,000 ounces of gold. Do you know how much the company gained? They received a remarkable forty percent of the entire production, and for the cheap price of $400, and that is $4 per ounce of silver and gold. By investing with Franco-Nevada Corporation, you would receive a steady cash flow, without the risk.

2.Central Fund of Canada Limited

The Central Fund of Canada Limited is in the possession of physical silver and gold, having stored 1.7 million of gold (worth a whopping $2.5 billion) and seventy-seven million ounces of silver (worth an astounding $1.5 billion). The stock trades at an almost nine percent discount to the underlying value of silver and gold. By investing with the Central Fund of Canada Limited, you can see your return increase by ten percent.

3.The ETF Route

If you do not want to invest in an individual company, you can choose to take the ETF route. You can invest in iShares S&P TSX Global Gold Index Funds for instance. It provides a market cap of over $500 million and trades daily on an average amount of 400, 000 shares. The only downside to taking the ETF route is that three companies make up forty percent of the entire assets.
If you do not have expertise in investing with gold mining companies directly, these three types of stock will do well for you economically. If you are comfortable sticking to physical gold, that is good too.