Sell Your Gold For Cash This Holiday Season

With the holiday season coming fast, you can expect a lot of holiday shopping from this point onward. By selling your gold to Diamond District Refinery, you’ll have the cash you need to buy the gifts before the holiday season comes to an end! You can sell your gold, silver and other precious metals to us to earn top cash payouts. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling scrap gold, broken gold or even old gold jewelry that you have collecting dust in your drawers, bring them in to us today to earn cash for your gold!


Rolex Watches – Why We Love Them

Rolex Watches

Precision and charm makes up any Rolex brand watch that you wear. A sterling combo of stunning beauty and excellence is the real reason why Rolex watches are always something special. It is the reason the Rolex brand watches commands a higher price in the market as well. Treasured possessions like the Rolex watches are a showcase of dignity and pride for the person that is wearing it. Properly maintained Rolex watches can look ever new. Such is the quality of the materials out of what these products are made by the makers. It is possible to remove the scratches that are formed in the bracelets of your branded Rolex wear.

You need to give it to the authentic Rolex service center to get it polished at least once in a couple of months to get that new luster back again. The frequency can vary based upon the usage. If you are not wearing it regularly on a daily basis, then you can polish it occasionally too. Yet, maintenance should be done in the best possible manner to preserve the Rolex well.

When Rolex is in regular use, the lubricants are in constant flow to make it smoother in its operation as a whole. Regular winding is to be done to make sure that the lubricants are not getting hardened to cause friction in the moving parts or the internal gears. Weekly once if you wind it, then you need not have to use it daily to maintain smoother operation of the internal parts. Long lasting life is one of the special attributes of the Rolex watches at any given day.

The purpose that the Watches serve is not what we wear them for in the modern times. It is completely changed now. If you are to find time it is just right there already in your desktop or laptop or smartphone screen. You need not have to strain and look at your wrists to get to know the current time. So what we wear these branded watches of the high end kind and the limited edition models for? Obviously it is just for the same reason why we wear some jewels to ornate ourselves. Is it going to add on to the decorum? Surely it does, when you are to wear some of the exclusive best designs of the unique kind made by the top manufacturers across the globe. Rolex certainly is one such brand that the world knows since way long time now.

The number of quality designs, styles and patterns that have come and gone in the Rolex brand in the past is not something that is to be forgotten that easily. Some of the top notch standards of limited edition models of Rolex watches are resold for way higher prices in the auctions conducted during several events held across the globe. So, what prompts people to go ahead and buy such commodities that serve least purposes as a matter of fact, for very high prices? There are so many reasons for that. First of all, it is nothing but a matter of dignity and prestige.

Sell Scrap Gold in NYC and Earn Cash!

sell scrap gold new yorkIt won’t matter where you’ll be looking, chances are you’ll be hearing or seeing gold whether it’s your phone, fashion, or jewelry. Over the past few years, the market price on gold has witnessed some record breaking numbers. However, the prices in the gold market are constantly fluctuating, and is currently seeing some slower progress. Although gold is still a good investment, everybody isn’t in the position to heavily invest in gold.

Even if you don’t have the money to invest in gold at a bulk level, there are many options that you can pursue in selling scrap gold. One example would be the gold that was used on your teeth. Dental gold that is found on teeth can be sold to gold dealers due to them stilling holding value. The scrap gold on your jewelry is also a great way to earn some cash, as opposed to letting it sit in your drawer and collect some dust.

selling scrap goldUnfortunately, not every gold buyer in the industry is offering fair deals or follow through with their word. There are many gold buyers out there who are not honest. Many gold buying websites that you find online may actually just be a local pawn shop that happen to own a website. Keeping that in mind, it’s best to discover gold buyers and dealers who are honest and professional. When dealing with an online gold buyer, knowing that they provided fully insured envelopes is important in providing you with the confidence to go through with the transaction without any worries. Another crucial detail to look out for is recognizing if they have a trustworthy and professional appraiser on their staff in order to provide you with an honest value on your scrap gold.

If you’re interested in selling your scrap gold to earn some cash, there are great places you can visit that will let you do just that. As long as you have your scrap gold on you, all you have to consider from there is finding a trustworthy gold buyer. If you don’t have the time to travel around to sell your scrap gold, you can always search for gold buying services online that will provide you a fully secure and insured envelope to send your valuables in. Once your scrap gold has been received, you’re valuables will be appraised and an offer will be sent your way soon after. If the offer that the online gold buying service satisfies you, they’ll send you a payment right away.

If you’re still interested in selling your unused gold to earn some cash, a great way to do that is selling your scrap gold in New York. With so many gold buyers, however, it’s important that you find someone you can trust. A trustworthy gold buyer is more likely to be committed to providing you with top offers while keeping the entire transaction safe and secure.

iPhone 6 is Here, Turn Your Old iPhones Into Quick Cash

sell iphone 5Apple has recently launched two of their new iPhones, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 as well as the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. The new phones come with a larger “Retina HD Display,” sporting a new iPad stylized design that includes a thin body with rounded corners. The new iPhones pack a faster processor, better camera, as well as including Apple Pay, a new payment system.

The new phones coming from apple will be available for purchase in gold, silver, and space gray. The storage for the new iPhones will be available in 16, 64, and 128 GB models. Purchasing the iPhone 6 with a contract will cost $199 while the iPhone 6 Plus will start at $299.

If you’re going to purchase the new iPhone, this leaves the question of what you plan to do with your old iPhone or other smart phone. There are better options around for you to consider rather than allow your old phone to gather dust or to be thrown away. Many technology available today have a worthwhile amount of gold, silver, and other precious metals used to produce them. By recycling your unused electronics and cell phones, you’ll give yourself the perfect opportunity to earn a little extra cash to help you purchase the new iPhone 6!

A fairly new trend that is happening is called Urban Mining. This trend involves scavenging scrap metals that are found in electronics, old or new. Many of these electronics are made with precious metals like gold and iridium, making urban mining a growing industry around the world.

Many of these precious materials that are recovered from these used electronics can be recycled for reuse in manufacturing new electronics. Another option is refining the scrap metals found in these electronics to be turned into ingots which can be sold. Some manufacturers can decide to buy these gold or other precious metal ingots back to be used in creating the circuit boards that are used in electronic devices. Gold has very useful properties when it comes to conducting electricity, more efficiently than other precious metals available. Jewelers and investors are also interested in purchasing these precious metal ingots due to their many uses. Whether there is minor or precious metals used in your electronics, recycling is a fantastic habit to start up.

Yokohama Metal Co Ltd has produced a study which shows that a tonne of gold ore produced by mines will only contain around 5 grams of gold. Mobile phones and electronics on the other hand can be mined for up to 150 grams of gold. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why recycling old electronics can become a very profitable business. On top of gold being recovered from old electronics, other precious metals such as silver and copper can be recovered as well.

Recycling old electronics and selling the scrap gold found in them makes a lot more sense for certain countries. Japan, for example, have very limited natural resourced to be used for their industry in electronics. In order to make up for this, they are more heavily reliant on recycling their old technology that no longer has any relevance.

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Tips for Selling Gold in NYC

It’s good to know some simple and effective strategies before dealing in gold. After all, you’re not going to want to sell your gold for lower prices and be robbed of the true value your gold pieces are worth. In order to make the most out of selling gold in New York City, it’s best to follow the market price trends before settling with any decisions. Here are a few gold selling tips that will help you find the best possible prices when selling gold in New York.

sell gold nyc

Separate Your Gold by Karat

It’s best to separate all your jewelry by karat weight before going about selling. If you don’t separate your gold by karat, there’s a possibility that your buyer will weight all of your gold pieces together based on the lowest karat weight, which will greatly affect the final offer you will receive. If that is the case, the result would mean less cash for your valuables, so make sure that all of your gold is separated accordingly.

Look Into Buyer Reputation

Before you decide to sell your gold in New York City, it’s best to have a clear understanding of the establishment’s reputation and level of trust. With that in mind, checking with the Better Business Bureau will allow you to know if they have high ratings. You’re not going to want to begin a deal with a buyer who is out to cheat you and offer you less than what your gold deserves.

Document Everything

Before you settle down with the sale, you should make sure that everything has been written down or fully documented so that you have proof of the sale. This step is crucial in case you later discover problems down the road. Having signed documents will give you the verification of sale needed to help prove your case. Otherwise, proving any case of fraud would be incredibly hard to pull if no documents or proof is in your hands.

Sell Any Type of Gold

If you didn’t already know, gold dealers are typically willing to buy any kind of gold there is. Gold such as broken jewelry, gold watches, gold fillings, and even items that are not 100% pure. Even gold items that are mixed with other precious metals may turn in some decent cash. The weight of your gold will generally determine the amount of money you’ll be offered. However, watch out for dealers who weigh their gold by the pennyweight instead of quoting you by grams.

Know Your Gold’s Worth!

Whether you’re in the gold buying and selling business or not, it’s good to know a few basic tricks before selling your gold in New York. Knowing the true value of your own gold jewelry will be very useful. Look for at least 3-5 different sources to quote the value of your gold before deciding on sell. You shouldn’t settle with a lower price than what your gold is truly worth. If your gold jewelry has diamonds or other precious stones in them, you should remove them since they are also valuable on their own.