Selling Your Gold: Know the Essentials

There are things that are uncertain, like the economy, the buying behavior of general public and the value of dollar and stocks. What is certain, though, is the stability of gold. The price of gold has been hovering from $1200 to $1500 per ounce in the past few months. If you’re a New Yorker that wants to make some money by selling gold in today’s diverging economy, you are in a seller’s market.
Selling gold in New York is easy, but a deviant buyer can actually pay you less than what your gold possessions might be worth. With Gold Buyers New York City, you not only get the highest rates for gold or any gold possessions, but you also get one of the best services in town without a middleman involved. Here are a few essentials you should know before selling gold in New York.

selling gold in New York

Keep Tabs On the Market
Before selling gold, you should do your homework and know the market. Just like stocks, the price of gold fluctuates every day. It is best to sell gold when the market is up, that is when the purchase price of gold is higher. The spot price is the current market price for gold, and you should expect to receive cash slightly below the spot price. It is advisable to know the worth of your gold before you actually go to sell it.
Watch Out For Scammers
It is inevitable that you will come across gold buyers who appear to be very reasonable and appealing, but what they’re really doing is tricking you into selling your gold for far less than what is might be worth. Knowing the market value for gold can help, but buyers can also fool you into selling your broken piece of gold jewelry for a lesser price. Broken jewelry does not diminish the value of gold. A visit to the Better Business Bureau website can help you to check on the reputation of buyers you seek to negotiate your gold with.
sell your gold in new yorkKnow Your Gold
Gold is made by applying a mixture of karat, to add durability and strength. In simple words, the higher the karats, the higher the value of your gold. For instance 24 karat gold is about 100% pure, which means you get more cash on it compared to a piece of jewelry with 18 karat gold. Just about anything with gold in it can be sold to a buyer. Common items that you can sell include necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, lockets, and even gold layered dinnerware and coins. Dental gold can also be sold, but make sure you clean it first.
Get the Best Rates
Now that you know how much gold you have and what’s it worth, it time to sell it. Very few stores and buyers have a reputation of giving the best rates for gold. Diamond District Gold Buyers is one of them, but we provide the most refined on-site experience to sell gold directly to us. Our highly skilled staff makes sure you get the best value for your gold in town.

Cash for Gold

If you’re in New York City and happen to have unwanted gold, then Television ads screaming “sell your gold for cash today!” is something very common. As good as it may sound, these ads only give you a fraction of the sum they promise, which is well below the market price. Market price of gold, as a matter of fact, is very stable. The rates go up and down almost every day, but the consistency is in the increase.

Selling gold online has become a new trend as better rates are available. With Gold Buyers New York City, you get the best price for your gold in town by getting a quote from our highly qualified staff. Not only is it comprehensive, you get all the cash for the gold as we do not involve a middleman.

sell gold for cashSelling Gold Pays
The price of gold has rocketed in the last decade. This has led to a number of ‘cash for gold’ companies to enter the market and lure people to sell their old jewelry and make money. Given the current economic conditions in the country, and the world as a whole, gold can be considered a safer investment than stocks. The investment in gold increases during recession, hence the price boom. In other words, even scrap gold is up for sale to a gold buyer for some cash. But since the price of gold varies, it is best to keep tabs on the current gold price before going to sell.

How It Works
It is best to get quotes from several companies and places before selling gold. These include jewelers and postal gold websites. A company registered with the Better Business Bureau will be more reputable and trustworthy for the proceedings. Gold buyers melt and flog the gold to make it more. Getting a minimum of three quotes from jewelers will give you a better valuation of your gold. Websites give an online quote when you first provide gold for verification and then they make you an offer. Most websites are poor organized and unreliable, but some can provide better quotes than jewelers. Therefore, be wise when it comes to choosing one.

sell gold for cashStay Sober
A common and laughable mistake people make when attending a gold party is having more than a drink or two. Sure, it’s a party. But you’re really there to get an estimate of your and the attendant’s gold, which of course will be about 70% to 80% of its market value, but it gives you an idea. Finding out you sold your grandma’s vintage gold necklace for peanuts after sobering down will surely not get you any sympathy or the remaining cash back.

Why Us?
When it comes to getting the best money for your gold, ask around and you’ll know why Gold Buyers New York City is the best in the business. Our website is easy to use as you sell directly to us. Come visit us at our free parking site and get the best rate for your gold in New York City.

5 Most Expensive Watches

Watches are, for a lack of a better word, timeless. When people think of luxury watches, usually the name Rolex comes to mind. Not to take away from their brand, but Rolex are far from the most luxurious watches out there. Let’s take a look at 5 of the most expensive watches out there.

5 Most Expensive Watches

5. Richard Mille RM 56 Felipe Massa Sapphire Watch
Limited to only five pieces in the world, this Richard Mille RM 56 Felipe Massa Sapphire watch costs $1.7 million. The watch features a tourbillon movement that is completely covered in sapphire crystal. The case on the watch took 1,000 hours to machine, 430 hours to grind and 350 to finish.

5 Most Expensive Watches

4. Piaget Emperador Temple Watch
The Piaget Emerador Temple Watch has essentially two watches in one, one of the faces being concealed by a case covered in 207 baguette-cut diamonds, 481 brilliant-cut diamonds, and an emerald-cut diamond. The second face is a Polynesian mother-of-pearl dial which has 11 baguette-cut diamonds, 162 brilliant-cut diamonds, and a bracelet set with 350 baguette-cut diamonds. All in all, this watch runs at a cost of $3.3 Million.

5 Most Expensive Watches

3. Louis Moinet “Meteoris” Watch
Costing at $4.6 million, the watch appears to be rather expensive. However, considering that the series comes with a set of four tourbillion watches, it isn’t as bad as initially thought. Louis Moinet decided to use pieces of meteorite to create each watch, teaming up with Meteorite hunter Luc Labenne to accomplish this. These watches carry fragments of the moon, Mars, and even asteroids in the mix.

5 Most Expensive Watches

2. Patek Philippe Ref 1527 Wristwatch
Made in 1943, the Patek Philippe Ref 1527 Wristwatch is without a doubt, a vintage piece. With 23 jewels, 18k gold perpetual calender, bimetallic compensation balance, silvered matte dial and applied gold Arabic numerials, the $5 million watch raises the bar.

5 Most Expensive Watches

1. Patek Phillipe Henry Graves Supercomplication Pocket Watch
The Patek Phillipe Henry Graves Supercomplication Pocket Watch has long been off the market, being made specially for the banker that it’s named after in 1933. This solid 18-karat gold watch took five years to design and build. Being greatly ahead of its time, the watch featured chronological function for each hour as well as a chart of NYC’s skyline and chiming minute repeater.