Sell Gold in New York City – Get the Fair Deal!

gold refiningSelling gold in New York City can appear to be a risky and tough job to get involved with, but knowing the right details and how to go about the task safely and effectively will greatly increase your chances of getting the most value out of your gold. Most of the time, people who wish to sell their gold jewlery and other precious items are doing so to be able to meet lift some financial burden off of their backs. However, before doing so, one must make sure to take the proper steps in doing so to maximise the value of gold.

If you have decided to sell these precious items, you should first look for a local jeweler to get a general idea of what the market value of gold is at the time being before you go about selling. Finding out the carat value of your gold will greatly aid you in getting an accurate as possible approximation of your gold’s value. Once you have figured that out, the next step is searching for a best buyer out their for you. However, time is an issue for many people. If that is the case, there are also online dealers which are delivering a great service for those who don’t have the time to travel around searching for gold buyers.

sell gold coinsSelling gold coins is also a great opportunity to make some quick cash. Whether you just happen to have some gold coins you wish to sell your happen to be looking into creating a business of doing so, you’ll have to have the know hows. You can either simply sell your gold to a bullion dealer to create some quick cash perhaps you want to invest in a vast amount of gold coins and become the gold dealer yourself. When it comes to becoming a gold dealer, you may have to look into your countries laws and may need to establish some type of licensing in order to start your business.

If all that seems to be too much, there is always the option to look for some sellers on the internet. Many people around the world are looking into these convenient means of selling their gold online, with some venues providing free gold kits to give you an appraisal of your golds worth, allowing you to decide whether or not that price is right for you. Either way, selling gold has never been easier!

Got Scrap Gold? Sell to NYC Gold Refinery Now!

Do you have scrap gold lying around your house? Perhaps you have broken or old jewelry that no longer holds any importance to you? Visiting a Gold Refinery in NYC may be a great option for you to maximize the value or your unwanted gold! Here are a few services offered at gold refineries that may appeal to you:

Refining Services
With 24 hour precious metal assaying of valuables with gold, silver, platinum or palladium, gold refineries have great turn around. Whether you have a few gold scraps or are a full time pawnbroker, you can send your precious metals in, which will then be thoroughly inspected and hand tested for its value. Options are also available to send your gold scraps via shipped mail, which will then be evaluated with an offer given shortly after. This allows for incredible convenience from the comforts of your home.

Dental Gold Refining
What many people are unaware of is that Dental fillings can also be sent in for refining. Recycling dental gold can be made simple and effective in the hands of an expert refiner. Refineries often offer cash for these filler metals, which range from silver and gold to even platinum and palladium.

Industrial Metals Refining
There are a wide variety of industrial metals in everyday household items. Some of these items include photography silver, industrial byproducts or even circuit boards, contacts and conductors. Old phones and computers all have circuit boards and chips that are more dense in precious metals then the gold ores mined from the ground.

Whether you have old laptops and computers lying around or maybe some broken jewelry, many gold refineries will take it in. Going directly to a gold refiner removes the overhead that usually comes with selling through a 3rd party vender. If you’re interested, give us a call today if you want to sell gold scraps in NYC.

The Essential Steps in Silver Refining

Silver refining has been one of the most important processes in our history, used by professional to pull out the pure metal and remove the unwanted materials and dust. The process of silver refining increases its purity, which increases the quality of the silver as well as the value.

There are several processes that can be used for silver refining. However, for the most part, having a well ventilated area is a must regardless of the process chosen. This is to avoid breathing in the fumes of the dissolving reactions required in refining silver.

The unrefined silver piece are usually placed in a crucible along with chemicals such as baking soda or acid, which drastically help refine the quality and purity. For every ounce of silver, it is recommended that 150ml of nitric acid is used. Depending on the amount of unrefined silver you plan to use, you may want to consider the size of the crucible in case of overloading and overflowing issues.

Allow the reaction of these components to fume and bubble for at least 30 minutes. Once that process is complete, take the dissolved silver and pour it into another crucible along with some acid. Avoid the hard pieces when adding acid because of possible discharges due to contaminated silver.

Once those stages silver refining are complete, you may now want to go through a filtering process to avoid any loss of silver particles. With your silver now refined, you how more options available to you with it. You’ll be able to craft your silver into any type of jewelry or accessory that you want or perhaps even sell it now that it has been refined.


Recycling Dental Gold and the Processes Involved!

Considered as one of the most popular forms of gold, dental gold can be recycled or sold for extra cash. Dental gold can be found anywhere, from your aunt or even a local pawn shop. To make the most value out of your dental gold, there are a few things that can be done:

  • First, collecting all your dental scraps in order to determine the approximate value. It’s important to clean the dental gold in order to get an accurate of an approximate as possible, which can be done by using a toothbrush dipped in baking soda and water. With the help of the toothbrush, you can start cleaning these scraps and have them rinsed to begin seeing the particles and grims wash away from the scraps.
  • Once your gold dental scraps are cleaned up, you may opt to go to a local jeweler to get an estimate on the worth. This will allow you to get a base price to compare with what others have to offer.
  • Another option available is recycling the dental gold. Local jewelers will also be able to provide you with the nearest located gold dealers to you, allowing you to shop around for prices that maximize the value of your dental gold.

Most dentists feel obligated to returning your old dental work due to knowing that it likely has some metal content in it. Dentists tend to use gold for making crowns and bridges. These dental procedures may also use platinum or palladium in their dental work. Mixing gold with other metal materials usually creates a metal with stronger properties well suited for dental work.



The best dental gold to recycle are crowns, which use “high noble” alloys. What this means is that these metals contain more than 60% of the precious metal (gold, platinum and palladium), which is more than 40% gold. What this implies is that these dental gold pieces can range from 10karats to even 20karats. Those interested in selling their dental gold should also keep in eye out for silver dental crowns and bridges due to it possibly being “white gold.”

How to Find a Good Gold Buyer in NYC – Reputation Plays an Important Role!

Wondering how to find a trustworthy gold buyer in NYC is a daunting task. However, finding one won’t be as hard if you have the correct information and knowledge available to you. With the internet connecting everybody, finding that information has become even easier. Here are a few tips to look at that may help in discovering the right gold buyer for you:

refine gold

  • When taking your jewelry to a gold buyer, make sure your belongings do not get damaged in the process. Most of the time, gold purchasers will do tests to the gold that may harm its potential value. Some gold purchasers will do tests on the unessential portions of your gold jewelry by using extremely evasive processes that may including cutting the gold objects or even placing acids directly over it.
  • Reputation is another great source for finding out about a company. Hearing someones personal experience with these potential buyers will help you drastically in gauging how trustworthy the gold buying venue is.
  • Avoid being scammed. Antique shows, hotel gatherings, trade shows, pawn shops, gold tents and trailers have a long history of scamming the consumers when it comes to selling gold. Make sure to check their reputation.
  • Understand the market price. Knowing how much your gold weighs and the current market price of gold will help drastically.

All these things should be considered when lookin for a good gold buyer in NYC. If you’re not comfortable with getting your gold appraised by regular procedures, you can always try to estimate the value yourself. You can measure its worth by finding out the the weight and karat of your gold. Once you have a solid base value to compare to, you can start shopping around to find which venue gives you the best value.

gold refining

If you’re looking into selling your gold scraps, then finding a scrap buyer seems like a great idea. With the economy not looking too hot, gold buyers having been popping up to take advantage of this market. Many of these businesses, however, are just middlemen. If you want to get the highest value for your gold, you may way to go straigth to the refiner. A refiner is an individual or business that would collect your scraps and have it melt down into a more convenient form.
With so many paths to take for your gold, make sure to spend your time to do research to get the most value out of your gold!

Cash for Silver Coins – Certify Them at the Expert Dealer of These Coins!

Selling silver coins has long been considered one of oldest trades that have been going on throughout history. The trade of silver has occurred countless times from our ancestors, who managed to mine these precious metals. From as far back as the Greeks until even today, silver has become a common commodity in the market.
Sell your Silver Coins
If liquidating silver coins is something you have in mind, then the first thing that you should get to know is the different sales venues that you can take advantage of to find the best value for your silver coins. Depending on the current value of silver in the market, now may be the most ideal time to sell your silver coins to make some quick and easy cash to alleviate the burden of meeting your daily requirements in life.
The collecting, selling and buying process of silver has been going on for ages. However, it is much easier to do in this day and age. There are many venues out there that allow you to evaluate the value of your silver to even selling it. Having your silver coins appraised by a Jeweler or online precious metals buying website will allow you to get a base value for your goods. This will allow you to compare and contrast the prices offered in the open market, allowing you to choose which one provides the best value for you.
Sell Silver Coins
Another option you could do is have all your silver coins refined to make a set of new jewelry or even ornaments and decorations. This will allow another option for selling your silver. Having your silver well maintained and in their perfect state will increase the value of your silver coins or goods.
Silver is much more valuable today than it was back in the past. Resources for precious metals are depleting and miners are having more trouble locating these precious metals which is very beneficial for those who are in the market to sell their silver. Many advanced technologies today require the use of silver in their production, allowing a consistent need for the precious metal. Depending on the market, selling your silver coins today may be the most profitable. Research is key.