How to earn money and sell diamond ring for cash

Many people want to sell their diamonds or diamond jewelry but do not know where to start. How do you know your piece is worth? What are your options as to where to sell and to whom? And most importantly, how do you keep from becoming a victim of fraud or risk to their personal safety? Unless you are a professional diamond dealer, the sale of diamond jewelry can be quite daunting. Learn a few tips can simplify the process and make sure you collect cash for your piece instead of letting the dust settle in a collection box.

Value of diamond ring:

The resale value of a Sell diamond ring for cash depends on many factors. While many consumers have heard of the 4 Cs (carat, color, clarity and cut), which may be confused as to what these terms mean and how they affect the value of your diamond. It is important to remember the color and clarity can be a bit subjective venerable standards using the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). The shape is also important, as all fantasies (marquise, pear, princess, radiant, cushion, Asscher, oval, heart, emerald cuts) are valued well below the most popular: the round brilliant cut. Old European courts (about 1880-1930) can be more valuable than their luxury shape, due to popular demand.

Where to sell:

As for where Sell diamond ring for cash, you have the option of the two main directions. You can sell to a private party or sell or through a professional. The sale to an individual is likely to provide the highest dollar amount. However, there are substantial risks if you want to go this route. Scammers are common, regardless of where the list of your piece, and can take a long time to sell a piece of this. If you use a site like, which has the advantage of being free, should be especially careful of their personal safety and common fraud. They only accept cash and agree to meet in a safe public place, such as a bank lobby or jewelry store. The eBay auction carries less risk to personal safety and fraud, but charges apply regardless of whether the piece is sold and the list of the same piece in several places recommended.

If you want to avoid the hassle of selling to a private party, you have the option of selling on consignment, or sell directly to a buyer. When you place the piece on consignment, agrees to allow the store to sell the item and give you a percentage of revenue once the item is sold. Before leaving your diamond jewelry in a store, make sure you have a copy of your sales terms’ writing (including how long to wait until the price fell) and a detailed description thereof. Remember that even if a store agrees to take your article, there is no guarantee it will sell.

So whenever you area about to sell your diamond ring make sure are selling it at right place.