How to Sell Gold – Free Gold Kit

Looking to sell gold for cash? The first step in selling your precious items for cash will be to request a Free Gold Kit here.

Free Gold Kit from Diamond District Refiners NYC is a safe, secure and easy solution to help you get fast cash for your precious metal & gold. Diamond District Refinery has developed a stress-free method of shipping your valuables to our location safely and efficiently.

Please follow these 3 easy steps bellow to transport your items to our office via free, secure and insured method using Federal Express.


1. Pack your valuables in a manila envelope or cardboard box. When packing, we suggest using Ziploc bags or wrap of sorts (i.e. silver foil, gift wrap, etc.) before the contents are inserted into the box or manila envelope.


2. Contact Federal Express by calling (800) 463-3339 to schedule a pick up or find nearest station for drop off. If you decide to have them come out to your house, make sure to tell FedEx that you need supplies (FedEx box and a blank Airbill). Please do not use letter envelopes since they tend to rip if they get wet or mishandled.


3. Fill out FedEx Airbill as shown below and remember to hold on the tracking receipt.

Fedex free gold kit



• Do Not Use Priority Overnight or First Overnight on any shipments to avoid unnecessary shipping Fees!
• Free Fedex Standard Overnight shipping is provided if you have more than Half(1/2) a Troy Ounce of gold, lesser amounts should be shipped using your own methods like USPS otherwise you will incur a $20.00 shipping fee.
• Do Not Use Fedex Standard Overnight for any Silver shipments to avoid incurring additional shipment fees!
• Free Fedex Ground shipment is provided if you have more than Five(5) Troy Ounces of Silver, lesser amounts of silver should be shipped using your own method like USPS otherwise you will incur additional shipping fees.
• Fedex Ground shipments have a maximum of $500 insurance coverage.
• Do Not over insure your package, over insuring beyond a reasonable value will incur an insurance charge.

We will contact you once your shipment is received, processed and your payout has been calculated. Remember to include the Method of Payment Form (view it here)

In case you have questions pertaining to the process, feel free to contact us at 212.391.0700.

Download FedEx Kit here